Welcome To The Law Offices Of Sarah Xiao Qian Mu

Sarah Xiao Qian Mu, as the first-generation immigrant, she understands the hardships her clients face, and the dedication and hard work needed to achieve their goals and dreams of living in the United States. Having worked in the hectic and demanding New York City real estate market, and having earned the Prudential Douglass Elliman President’s Award, Sarah decided to attend law school to use what she had learnt to help others. Sarah has worked on various cases throughout her career including, representing companies petitioning for their employees, representing students applying for student visa reinstatement, representing artists and outstanding individuals obtaining visas and green cards, representing investors and entrepreneurs obtaining visas and green cards, representing individuals in the removal proceedings, representing persecuted individuals applying for asylum in the US, representing couples obtaining marriage-based green card, and etc. Among the diverse clientele that she serves, Sarah gives each client her personal attention, ensuring that their applications or petitioners are thoroughly prepared, and their stories are fully presented.

Sarah earned her law degree from Creighton University School of Law. In 2018 Sarah received the award as one of the 10 best immigration attorneys in California.